Focus on customer satisfaction

It is not only important to us to deliver our systems in top quality, but also to ensure that our employees are of the highest calibre. We always endeavour to ensure a smooth process for our customers and to make communication as simple as possible.

The first point of contact with the customer is usually through our sales department, while other departments involved are project management, service and technology. However, it is our fitters on the construction site who are responsible for the most important part after successful internal service processing. They are responsible for meeting deadlines and fulfilling customer requirements to the best of their ability. They are often in daily dialogue with the customer and are therefore the figurehead of the Mühlböck company.

In order to constantly improve this co-operation between customer and fitter, we give customers the opportunity to rate them and give us feedback. Just recently, a customer made use of this opportunity.

We are proud to receive such positive feedback.