Mühlböck’s Drying Technology – as diverse as wood itself

Every kind of wood is unique, because Nature doesn’t let itself be forced into one standard norm. Equally varied are the challenges that rise up in the drying of wood.

Mühlböck has the optimal solution for every drying job.

We develop and manufacture drying kilns to any size, which through different drying processes all reach the same goal: the perfect drying result.

Mühlböck dry kilns are being designed to the specific, individual requirements of every customer. They deliver dried lumber of the highest quality and set the bar on energy efficiency and economy.

Take advantage today of the lumber drying of the future – with dry kilns, CDK’s and belt dryers by Mühlböck.

Our products

Dry kiln INDUSTRY 1306 LITE
Dry kiln INDUSTRY 1306 PRO
Dry kiln VARIO
Steam and combined dry-steam kiln
Belt dryer CLASSIC
Belt dryer 1003 PREMIUM
Progressive kiln DYNAMIC
Progressive kiln FLOW