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Project Boucher Bros. Lumber, Nampa AB, Canada

In order to take their company further into the future, Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd. of Nampa, Alberta has recently invested in several sawmill upgrades to increase their efficiency and annual capacity.

Project Russian Wood Alliance

At the end of September 2020, another four Mühlböck CLASSIC dry kilns were put into operation in the Karelian wood industry company OOO Russian Wood Alliance, Petrosawodsk.

Philipp Matzku Holzkurier
Drying with acoustic protection

The Bürk sawmill invested in a power plant as well as in four of Mühlböck’s Type 1306 Pro dry kilns with a heat recovery system.

Economical by principle

Over the last three years, the company Ziegler Holzindustrie has been making greater use of Mühlböck’s Type 1306 Pro dry kilns. Decisive factors underpinning this choice were positive experience, good advice and the fact that assured performance levels were achieved in terms of energy efficiency and drying quality.

A fresh breeze for your dry kilns!

After testing different types of motors and brands for years, we have decided to apply EBI dry kiln duty motors as standard in our drying systems from now on.

Project EPO GmbH - Van Roje

Belt dryer installation at lofty heights - Energiepellets Oberhonnefeld (Germany) purchased a Mühlböck 1003 PREMIUM belt dryer

Project belt dryer Classic - Dubot Bois et Scieries

Last year, Mühlböck delivered a belt dryer to the sawmill Dubot Bois et Scieries, Saint Avit (Rhone Alpes), France. The family company installed a completely

Mühlböck doubles drying capacity, while improving grade

The commissioning of the first Mühlböck CDK for North America, installed late last year for Delco Forest products of New Brunswick, Canada, has been successfully completed. 


Our services for you


Our experienced employees combine the wishes of the customers and the conditions on site with the legal requirements in the planning to a successful concept.
The success and the priorities of the customer are at the main focus at anytime.


The K5 control software is always state of the art. The programming of the PLC and the user interface takes place completely at the Eberschwang location. The in-house research and development ensures continuous optimization of the control system and incorporating the customer's wishes into the development is an integral part of the process.


Construction and production

The experience of 12,500 successful drying kilns worldwide, guarantees high-quality processing through perfected processes, use of first-class industrial components and reliable delivery times worldwide.

Installation and commisioning

The installation is carried out by a well-trained and experienced team, which understands the local conditions and to assemble the equipment reliably, expertly and in the agreed time. During commissioning, customers are trained both in operating the drying kiln itself and in using the K5 software.

Who is Mühlböck?

Mühlböck is sited in Eberschwang, a small village in Austria.

What began in 1982 with production in the local garage, increased in 1984 to 13 employees, is today a global enterprise with 170 employees. The number is still rising.

Over the years the wood drying technology developed as well.
A small drykiln for a wooden package was the beginning of a success story.
In the meantime Mühlböck sells drykilns for every requirement, whether small or large enterprises, pallets or hardwood.

The range currently includes various systems such as the flexible drykiln Classic for all types of wood, the drykiln type 603, a drykiln of the highest performance class, the progressive kiln for large companies and also the highly efficient systems 1003 and 1306.

The in-house research and development keeps the technology up to date.
The K5 drying management developed and programmed in-house is unrivaled. A drying timetable that is optimally adapted to the customer's needs, numerous assistance functions that provide an overview of the drying processes and the costs, mobile operability of mobile phones or tablets and also a 7-day-a-week service hotline are just some of the many features which the Mühlböck drying management has to offer.
The competence and experience of almost four decades in the wood drying industry make Mühlböck a worldwide known company in the wood industry, which now has a new managing director.

After more than 36 years, the management of the company Mühlböck is now in the hands of the next generation. Kurt Mühlböck, who invested his energy, enthusiasm and ideas over the many years in the company, handed over the operative tasks on 1 July 2018 to his son Richard Mühlböck.
Kurt Mühlböck will continue to be the owner and will keep providing his knowledge and experience to the company.

Innovation, reliability and hard work have successfully taken forward the company for almost four decades.
These values ​​will remain under the new management and will form the basis of the further success of the company. The company Mühlböck is looking forward to a successful future with new projects and exciting challenges.

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