About us - Mühlböck North America Ltd.

We are your contact for Mühlböck’s excellent line of wood drying solutions for Canada and the USA.

With over 12,500 systems installed world-wide, Mühlböck Drying Technology has been active on also this continent since 1999.

With parts & services directly from our office and warehouse in Chase, B.C. Canada, we are happy to assist you with any of your lumber drying requirements. And we will always do our utmost to earn the continued trust of all our valued customers.

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Peter Driessen - CEO/Sales
Mühlböck North America Ltd.

Who is Mühlböck?

Mühlböck’s head office and production facility is located in Eberschwang, Austria.

What began in 1982 with the first dry kiln produced in a local garage and in 1984 grew to 13 employees, today is a global enterprise with more than 140 employees.

Over the years Mühlböck’s wood drying technology developed from a small dry kiln for one package to the engineering and manufacturing of a full line of dry kilns for every requirement: whether for small or large sawmills, whether for construction lumber or hardwood, pallets or value-added products.

The in-house R&D keeps the technology up to date and the K5 Drying Control developed and programmed in-house is unrivaled. A drying timetable that is optimally adapted to our customers’ needs, numerous assistance functions that provide an overview of the drying processes and the costs, mobile operability of mobile phones or tablets and also a 7 day-a-week service hotline are just some of the many features which the Mühlböck Drying Control software has to offer.

The competence and experience of almost four decades have made Mühlböck a company known world-wide in the forest industry. After more than 36 years, Kurt Mühlböck, who invested his energy, enthusiasm and ideas over the many years in the company, on July 1st 2018 handed over the operative tasks to his son Richard Mühlböck. Kurt Mühlböck will continue to be the owner and will keep providing his knowledge and experience to the company.

Innovation, reliability and hard work have successfully taken the company forward. These values remain under the new management and form the basis of the further success of company Mühlböck, which continues to look forward to an exciting future.