Drying kiln 1306 PRO - Polish customer Kronospan reports

Convinced by our technology and the associated savings, Kronospan opted for eight Mühlböck 1306 PRO drying kilns at its Szczecinek site several years ago.


"We dry pine and spruce wood and pay particular attention to the uniform drying quality of the batches due to our wide product range and the diverse further processing of the raw materials," explains Kronospan drying master Mateusz Noji. "The high variance in our day-to-day work requirements often pushes conventional standard technologies to their limits. Not so with Mühlböck - here we can be sure that all of our necessary drying requirements can be realised and that we receive optimal support and service," says Noji.


Kronospan has now been using Mühlböck's System 1306 timber drying kilns for two full seasons. At this point in time, we can confirm that the parameters of the Mühlböck kilns fulfil all promised expectations, confirms Noji.


The high quality and precise control of the drying parameters, combined with the high potential savings in heating energy and electricity, guarantee that the entire drying system is highly economical.