Project Boucher Bros. Lumber, Nampa AB, Canada

Well prepared with Mühlböck 1306 PRO dry kilns

In order to take their company further into the future, Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd. of Nampa, Alberta has recently invested in several sawmill upgrades to increase their efficiency and annual capacity.

Among these upgrades is the addition of new Mühlböck 1306 Pro dry kilns, of which the installation and commissioning of the first 2 kilns have been completed in October 2020. These high performance kilns, with 1306 Heat Recovery system and K5 drying control program, ensure that Boucher Bros. Lumber will receive the best drying results at the lowest possible thermal energy costs.
With Mühlböck as their partner, this family business is now well prepared for an extra 40 million BF drying capacity with high quality lumber output.

We thank the Boucher family for their kind cooperation, which made this installation even during the challenges that Covid-19 threw in front of us, an absolute pleasure!