University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia chooses Mühlböck kiln for Lumber Drying Research

When it came to renewing the Research kiln for the Wood Science Faculty of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Professor Dr. Stavros Avramidis knew exactly what he was looking for.

Aside from a wide range of testing possibilities, drying temperatures and adjustable air speeds, a stainless steel steam basin designed for superheating steam injection, as well as the ability to heat up to 80 degrees Celsius in the shortest possible time were also important goals. And on top of this, a most modern drying control system that would be user-friendly, would allow the user to build a drying schedule from scratch and would allow for time-based as well as weight-based schedules, was an absolute must.

So the decision to choose a Mühlböck kiln, specially custom designed with a super High Performance Class, was an easy one. And due to our State-of-the-Art drying control system, the Mühlböck K5, everything Dr. Avramidis’ students would like to research in the field of lumber drying, has become an instant possibility.

Installation of the new Research Kiln took place earlier this year, and we would like to thank Dr. Avramidis and his team for their cooperation, and the trust they have placed in our company and our technology. We wish UBC many years of pleasure using their Mühlböck kiln for their Research!