Project LOC, Arbing (AT)

Arbing in Upper Austria currently sees the construction of that state’s first cross laminated timber plant. While assembly work is still going on in the production hall, the three dry kilns located in front of it are already working at full capacity. In order to achieve the surfaces of maximum quality and good strength properties, LOC Holz only buys fresh sawn timber and dries it in Mühlböck 1306 Pro kilns.

Conventionally, cross-laminated timber lines start with raw material feed. LOC Holz wants to do it differently – at least in thought. “For us, wood drying is a central part of production, which is why we take it into our own hands and dry all the raw material on site,” explains Rudolf Ortner, founder, Managing Director and the “O” in LOC Holz.


The Holzkurier / Issue 34 reports in detail about the LOC project.


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