Project EPO GmbH - Van Roje

Belt dryer installation at lofty heights

Energiepellets Oberhonnefeld (Germany) purchased a Mühlböck 1003 PREMIUM belt dryer

As a subsidiary of Van Roje sawmills, Energiepellets Oberhonnefeld knows the high quality of Mühlböck drying systems well.
This saw mill location has been producing also high-quality pellets for 13 years now. Due to the increasing demand for pellets, the existing drying system is now being swapped for a brand new Mühlböck 1003 PREMIUM belt dryer.

Due to spatial restrictions at the sawmill location, the dryer was actually installed on the roof of one of the production halls, about 15 m above ground. This demanded detailed and precise process planning both in terms of construction and installation.
For instance, the base frame of the belt dryer was mounted to a steel structure on the ground and then lifted onto the roof by means of a crane. Using stairs and platforms installed around the systems, the technicians realised access for service and maintenance purposes.

The Mühlböck 1003 PREMIUM belt dryer is successful in operation. The Holzkurier reports on the project in issue 44/2020.

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