New safety package ensures safe working with Mühlböck drying systems

The new SAFETY PACKAGE for drying kilns from Mühlböck guarantees an optimum safety level for your personnel and your existing drying systems. It includes various detailed solutions that can be retrofitted to all Mühlböck drying kilns with immediate effect:
Secured climbing aids and a circumferential stainless steel cable on the roof eliminate the risk of falling for operating personnel during maintenance on the roof.
Service flaps in the intermediate ceiling allow easy and ergonomic access for maintenance work on the fan motors and heating coils.
In addition, a comprehensive stack safety device in the drying kiln provides additional protection for the system and employees during loading and unloading.

With the new Mühlböck SAFETY PACKAGE, you can now maximise the protection of your timber drying system and guarantee a safe working environment for your employees servicing and maintaining your Mühlböck system. In addition, the features of this package can optimise legal safeguards and liability issues for plant operators.