Heat recovery systems for all drying requirements

Research and experience successfully implemented

For more than 35 years Mühlböck has been successfully developing and building wood drying plants.

So far, there are 12,500 drying kilns worldwide in operation, the number continues to rise.

Research in the field of wood drying and drying technology in-house is constantly developing new systems and drying kilns. The demands of the customers and their advantages are the driving force behind innovations.

High-quality components, competent customer support concerning process optimization, a 7-day customer service hotline are part of a successful concept that is being reinforced all over the world.

Something for every claim

The range of products for wood drying is constantly expanding and includes, among other things:

  • Conventional loading and drying kilns with fresh air drying
  • Progressive kilns with continuous, automatic loading
  • High-performance chambers with heat recovery systems for thermal energy savings in the 2-digit percentage range (System 1003 and System 603)
  • Drying kilns with reduced electrical and thermal energy requirements (System 606 and System 1306)
  • Wood chips and sawdust dryers
  • Combined dry-steam kilns for targeted coloring
  • Vacuum chambers
  • State-of-the-art control software

The magazine Äripäev from Estonia presents the company Mühlböck, its products and the concept.

The newspaper article deals specifically with the System 1306. This system can be configured in different performance classes and on special customer requests.

Even large wood thicknesses are no problem for this kiln.

Thanks to a generously dimensioned heat recovery system and the patented supply and exhaust air system, savings of up to 20% are possible compared to the classic drykiln system.

K5 - state-of-the-art 3D drying management

The modern control system K5 is another important topic mentioned in the article of the Estonian newspaper. The experience of over 35 years and 12,500 drying kilns form the competence and the know-how for a control software, which is second to none. Constant development and programming in-house are a big advantage here.

User-friendly 3D visualization that makes navigation easy, user-defined views, assistance functions that help customers save time, and mobile usability via the Smart Client are just a few of the features of the K5.

With the article in the Estonian newspaper Mühlböck was able to present itself well and convey to the Estonian customers that their wishes are in the center of Mühlböck's concept.


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