Energy-efficient belt dryer for the pellet industry

Efficient belt dryer technology pushes energy transition


With its 1003 Premium belt dryer Mühlböck introduces an important solution for climate protection and the energy transition.

Thanks to its innovative heat recovery system, the new belt drying technology helps pellet plants massively improve their efficiency when compared to traditional drying processes – including the new Cycleenergy Plant in Aschach an der Donau.

Reliable drying of wood chips and sawdust is crucial for energy generation from biomass. To make sure the process uses a minimum of energy, Mühlböck has revolutionised belt drying technology with its efficient 1003 Premium heat recovery system. Depending on system design, energy savings of up to 50 % are possible compared to traditional drying systems.

The performance of Mühlböck’s technology has, for example, convinced green energy supplier Cycleenergy to equip its latest pellet plant in Aschach an der Donau with another Mühlböck belt dryer. Cycleenergy currently operates four biomass plants and three pellet plants in Austria and Germany.

A Mühlböck belt dryer has been in operation at the Gresten plant in Lower Austria which was built back in 2017. “Mühlböck's first belt dryer ever,” Christoph Bruckner, Technical Manager at Cycleenergy, remembers. Since this project's implementation, a close relationship has developed between the two companies. “Mühlböck is an innovative family-run company from our region and its energy-efficient technology is the perfect match for our company philosophy.” From the outset, Cycleenergy aimed to not only burn wood for energy generation: “We want to keep the overall efficiency of our systems high,” Bruckner stresses, “so besides producing electricity we also produce heat from the region for the region, always putting great emphasis on efficiency and the use of all temperature levels in the process.” This is where Mühlböck's drying concept comes in, deploying its full performance potential, especially in Aschach an der Donau. To be able to run the pellet plant, which is located roughly five kilometres from their own cogeneration plant, economically, a highly efficient belt dryer is indispensable, Bruckner reports: “We think that Mühlböck currently leads the industry when it comes to this technology, which is why it was clear from the beginning that we would work with them. Commissioning the pellet plant – from the green field site to the finished plant – was a great challenge. Together with Mühlböck, however, we were able to complete our project in a short period of time.”