Ladenburger progressive kilns

Final spurt for the first 2 progressive kilns for customer Ladenburger

Two of a total of five planned Dynamic 1306 PRO progressive kilns are currently being completed at the customer Holzwerke Ladenburger's site in Kerkingen.

The customer operates a total of four production sites in Germany, focussing on international timber façade production. The sawmill and further processing facilities are located on the factory premises in Kerkingen.

The customer's requirement was to install the progressive kilns without disrupting ongoing sawmill operations, which requires good organisation on such a large site. In addition, the quality requirements for façade production in particular are very high, which is why the customer Ladenburger used pneumatic stack weights to minimise twisting and rejects.

Dr Christoph Rettenmeier, project manager and authorised signatory at Ladenburger: ‘Construction in existing buildings is always a major planning challenge; this makes it all the more important to have a reliable and competent partner at your side who can respond to the customer's individual requirements and ideas. In MÜHLBÖCK, we have found just such a partner with whom we can work together in a goal-orientated, collaborative and equal manner.’

The cross shuttle and the return transport system for the finished goods have been premièred at the site. These two systems bring enormous logistical benefits for the customer. Firstly, because the empty trolleys are automatically transported back to the start of the loading process and secondly, because they provide additional storage space for the finished goods in addition to the buffer space. Forklift traffic is drastically reduced thanks to these innovative technologies, which also means lower labour costs.

The buffer time per system is therefore 45 hours, which means that continuous production over the weekend is no longer an obstacle.

We are already looking forward to the next exciting projects!