A short film as a thank you from the sawmill Engelhof KG

- Quality has already lasted 30 years

The sawmill Engelhof KG thanked us with a really great short film for the quality of the Mühlböck drykiln delivered in 1988 with these words:

"Dear Mr. Mühlböck,
In 1988, when buying the drykiln, I asked you how long such a plant will last.
The answer: "I'm afraid 30 years".
Today a reason to say thank you for your great quality product.
The film shows the installation of the kiln 30 years ago and the perfect condition it is in today. The kiln is in original condition and  in continuous operation since 1988. Only the bearings or windings of the motors have been replaced. The control has been updated. Even the rubber seal on the folding/lift door is still original.
Thanks again and enjoy the little video. ''

Of course, Mühlböck is happy about this thank you.
This is a living proof of the quality of the Mühlböck drykilns.
Products that do their job well for decades and with obviously good maintenance, hardly cause any costs.