Dry kiln Vario CLASSIC | Vario 1306 PRO

The Economical and Flexible Solution for Perfect Wood Quality.

When drying volumes are low the Eco-Flex dry kiln Vario CLASSIC | Vario 1306 PRO allows you to very easily combine a large variety of wood lengths. And all this with minimum energy input. This makes the Eco-Flex dry kiln perfect for drying construction timber or for contract drying, where wood types and volumes vary greatly.


All gates are open to you
When it comes to loading the kiln, we offer you the same flexibility. Whether it‘s a frontal barn door or a fold-lifting or lift-sliding door on the long side – your needs lead the way!


Plug-in construction
Up to 1,000 km from our factory we supply lines ready to be connected with a wood capacity of up to 60 m3. All that you need is a concrete panel as a base. The line be dismantled just as easily as it can be assembled and assembled again in another place. So you remain flexible.



  • Flexibility in selecting the kiln size
  • Proven and economical drying programmes for all wood types
  • Perfect drying quality
  • Minimum drying times

Heat recovery system 1306 PRO

System 1306

Standard heat recovery systems, such as those used in conventional drying kilns, have their limits in terms of thermal efficiency. The active exhaust air in the 1306 PRO drying kilns allows significantly higher heat recovery rates to be achieved.