Mühlböck progressive kiln DYNAMIC 1003 PREMIUM

3-zone progressive kiln with heat recovery system 1003 PREMIUM

The progressive kiln DYNAMIC 1003 PREMIUM can be used in all areas of wood production for drying. The innovation of this system is that drying is possible with the lowest possible thermal energy consumption.

Energy saving is in the focus
In contrast to 2-zone progressive kilns, the Dynamic 1003 PREMIUM is equipped with three drying zones, a pre-, main- and final drying zone. The essential feature is the pre-drying zone. The total amount of thermal energy for pre-drying comes from the main and post-drying. There is no extra energy needed for pre-drying. This allows energy-efficient operation of the system - the energy savings (depending on the application) compared to traditional drying systems is up to 50%.

The thermal connected load and the thermal energy consumption can be kept low and in case of energy shortages an increase of the drying capacity is possible without further investments in a heat generator.